V(Vehicle) DTV measurment is the actual stage of brake judder experience and evaluation. It is done by Dinamic DTV measurement together with other like pad temperatures, several points of vibration and speed in a running car.

We can know how DTV growed by over-heating and it affects to NVH in the car. So that it let us know the relation of DTV and brake judder in the manner of comparing two factors simultaneously.

In doing the job 2~3 pairs of non-contact displacement sensor should be mounted inside of tire rim, temperature sensors in the pad. Several vibration sensors at the tie rod, brake pedal and steering column etc,

High speed data acquisition system with control and analyzing software manage it. The software provide us various kinds of analyzing data= Maximum DTV / judder sector of wheel revolution etc.

For example, DTV growing trend together with temperature vibration, speed and brake pressure.

By the way, it helps us investigating of thermal DTV and its affects of NVH in a car.


Amplifier for DTV-V Sensor cable and vehicle wheel cap
sensing cable  

Applied to vehicle

<measurement data displayed at the analysis window>


1. Sensing and Facilities

1-1. No. Of displacement Sensor & Amplifier: 8 pcs
1.1.1. Range             : 0 ~ 2000 ㎛
1.1.2. Resolution         : 0.5 ㎛
1.1.3. Non-linearity      : ± 0.1 % FS below
1.1.4. exchange precision: 0.5%
1.1.5. Circumstance      :  700 C below
1-2. Linear thermal sensor amp.(4 EA)
1.2.1. thermal couple : K TYPE
1.2.2. Non-linearity   : 0.1% FS below
1.2.3. length          : 8 M
1-3. Pressure sensor(4 EA)
1.3.1. Range        : 10 BAR, 100BAR
1.3.2. Non-linearity : 0.25% below
1-4. Accelo-meter(5 EA)
1.4.1. Range : ±2g
1.4.2. responsibility   : 1ms below
1-5. Wheel torque sensor(2 EA)
1.5.1. capacity : 0 ~ 300Kf・m
1.5.2. Type : Non-contact signal transmission
1-6. Wheel angle sensor(2 EA)
1.6.1. Resolution    : 100 PPR over
1.6.2. Wheel nut clamp : each 6 EA offered ( 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 32mm)
1-7. Decelometer(1 EA)
1.7.1. Range : +0.6 ~ 1g
1-8. Sensor fixture jig(5 set)

Adjustable sensor fixture jig set(size: large, medium, small)

1-9. Data acquisition board(2 EA)
1.9.1. Resolution: 16bit
1.9.2. Sampling rate : 200Khz
1-10. Controller(2 set)
The ability to input the additional variable kind of data(torque etc)